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     Dr. Brigit Barre was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. She was a competitive gymnast through high school, and then coached through college. She is currently a level 10 rated gymnastics judged. She has enjoyed playing other sports such as track, swimming, diving, volleyball, and snowboarding. 

As a high-level gymnast, Brigit was plagued with injuries that often left her sitting out of major competitions. She found physical therapy her junior year, and although helpful, it did not fully restore her function. As a therapist, she now recognizes that exercises and training are only part of the recovery process. Brigit knows she would have recovered much faster if someone had asked her about stress, sleep, nutrition and training specifics. This is why overall patient wellness is her ultimate priority!

She completed her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of New Mexico in 2015. After graduating, she moved to Houston for a year to complete a rigorous post- graduate sports residency program. Here she worked with athletes in the clinic, high school training room, and on the field. The sports ranged from soccer, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and volleyball. She even worked with Simone Biles in the gym prior to her goal medal run in Rio! During residency she gained valuable knowledge working under sports medicine doctors, observing surgeries in the OR, collaborating with athletic trainers, and completing sport specific didactic work. 

After moving back to Albuquerque, she worked at Langford for 6 years. She loved the environment of the outpatient clinic but followed her passion for teaching and accepted a position as part time faculty in the UNM Physical Therapy program. There she assisted in teaching orthopedics, anatomy, health/wellness/fitness, and service learning. As her family continued to grow, she decided to leave her teaching position and venture out on her own! 

Motion Works Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy was created in 2022 with several goals in mind. First, to help shift the healthcare culture to be more individualized and patient centered. The current healthcare system is overburdened, and insurance companies have the power, with little concern for patient wellbeing. Doctor visits last 5 minutes, and cost hundreds of dollars. At Motion Works SMPT, you will spend 1+ hours one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Assessments will be thorough, treatments individualized with priority given to full patient wellbeing. 

Second, in a city of over half a million people, there are only 2 residency- trained sports physical therapists treating patients. This leaves a large population of people who may be missing out on specialized care. Active individuals should feel confident that they are receiving the highest quality care. 

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8400 Candelaria Rd. NE Suite 104

Albuquerque, NM 87107

Tel: 505-310-2125

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