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Injury Risk Screening


    An injury risk or injury prevention screening is typically done before the start of a sporting season, new physical activity, or after injury to determine when to return safely to physical activity. Tests will be performed that have normative values for specific sport, age and gender. These tests may include the Functional Movement Screen, Y-Balance, and Hop Testing.  Tests will be determined based on specific activity and individual. The screening can be done in isolation, but some tests are also used during a physical therapy plan of care to determine readiness to return to activity.

Not only will you understand your risk for injury, but you will receive a comprehensive list of what you need to improve to lower your risk. This can be accomplished on your own, or with guidance through a physical therapy plan of care.  A physical therapy evaluation or consultation with another medical professional will be advised if there is pain or health concern in any area. 


* Limited ankle dorsiflexion is a major risk factor for injury!

* Previous injury is the #1 risk for future injury!

* Pain alone increases your risk for future injury!

Price: $100

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